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'The best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book'.

Sathana Smart Kidz provides following Education Programs
Skill Developed
  • Motor & sensorial skill

  • Pre-reading and writing skill

  • Reading and writing skill

  • Transition to primary School

  • Adaptation to primary School

  • Concepts Building, Logic Building

  • Concepts Clearing, Learning by Doing

Skill Developed
  • Magic Maths Maths made easier and calculations made faster

  • Super Brain Yoga To improve concentration, coordination and fitness.

  • Accelerated Learning Helps to identify their learning style and to stimulate their brain through learning

  • Memory Techniques To enhance memory and concentration

  • Mind Map To increase retention period of any subject

  • Centum Secretes Counselling to remove fear and help given to present papers using memory techniques.

  • How to become a Junior - Edison

  • Sunday Science How to become a junior Edison - science on hand experiments. Young children have a strong urge to become independent. Practical life activities help them to perfect the skills they need in daily life. Whilst learning essential life skills, the children are also developing hand-eye co-ordination and the capacity to focus their attention for the entirety of an activity. Successful completion of such tasks gives children a real sense of their own achievement, and this builds their self-confidence.

Skill Developed
  • Summer Camps Camps for the whole family

  • Self Motivation

  • Vision Setting

  • Confidence Building

  • Creativity

  • How to Become Successful

  • Attitude Re-Engineering

  • Individual Counselling

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